Get Essex outdoors this May

As part of National Walking Month this May, we are celebrating all the great places to walk in Essex, walking groups you can join and walking events taking place. Follow hashtag #getessexoutdoors and #walkingessex on Twitter and Instagram and feel free share your walking pictures and stories with us!

  1. Here are some walking events this month:

Jane’s walks in Colchester between 4th and 7th May
 – Guided weekly walking tour of Colchester 
‘Walk about Essex’ walks in Southend, Kelvedon and Brentwood between 26th and 3rd June

2. Join a health walk group near you 

3. The 20 Ramblers groups in Essex are offering nearly 200 different walks this month, see which one you can join now

4. Why not take part in a regular walking activity such as walking football, netball or walking hockey?

Walking hockey
Sessions at Braintree Hockey Club aimed at people who for a variety of reasons cannot run around to play the game.

Walking Netball is a slowed down version of the game of netball, designed for anyone looking to exercise in a relaxed, supportive and friendly environment. Walking Netball is a game for all ages and abilities and every session starts with a gentle warm up. See weekly activities available around Essex:

Walking football is a slow-paced version of the beautiful game. If you thought your footballing days were over, think again because walking football is here!

Here’s a little video giving you some exercise ideas to incorporate to your walking. Thank you Keep Fit Eat Fit for producing it!


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