Introducing the eC-Card scheme

Essex Sexual Health Service (ESHS) has launch an innovative new App which is revolutionising access to FREE condoms for young people in Essex*.

The eC-Card App allows young people aged 16-24, quick, discreet, free access to condoms.

The App is now available for Android and Apple iOS and can be downloaded from the App stores. Find out more and download the eC-Card App now.

Following a simple, secure registration process users are presented with three short videos providing important information on consent and the law, reducing the risk of getting a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) and how to use a condom correctly.

This is followed by a short quiz that tests understanding of the key information covered. Once the quiz is completed successfully users will be able to search for a convenient distribution venue and collect their supply of free condoms when they visit with a quick scan of a QR Code.

*(excluding Southend).

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