Giving every child the chance to play

The livewell child project, led by Braintree District Council and supported by Essex County Council, has provided schools with a new play champion’s framework which trains year 5 and year 6 children as play leaders.

Lyons Hall School in Braintree is trialling the scheme which has been designed to increase physical activity levels of the children at school.  Regular exercise has lots of health benefits for children, such as improving fitness, providing an opportunity to socialise, increasing concentration, improving academic scores, building a stronger body and improving self-esteem.

Anita Dawson, a teacher from Lyons Hall School said, “The children are really enjoying training to become play champions. The scheme is structured in a way that they don’t see this being about exercise, but more about giving every child in the school the right to join in and play. They are learning and becoming more active through play.”

Cabinet Member for Health & Communities, Councillor Peter Tattersley said, “The livewell child campaign is intended to be accessible to every child, and training play champions will help ensure more children than ever are able to receive support to encourage them to be more active.  The training scheme will have the added benefit of building the play champions’ leadership skills. We are looking forward to seeing the results once the scheme is in place.”

Livewell Partners