Time To Move – Online Music Workshop


Time To Move is a 1 hour music workshop provided by Essex based charity Together In Musical Expression and The Stroke Association. These are conducted online, via Zoom. The session will include 2 or 3 musicians who will be performing a wide range of music spanning over the last 7 decades. All ages are catered for!

There will be an emphasis on physical stimulation via music based activity and participants will have the opportunity to request particular songs they wish to hear and accompany. Certain tracks will encourage particular moves and rhythms for the participant to follow. These can be adapted to each individuals personal capability. Whether it be nodding your head, waving your arms, clapping your hands, shaking a homemade instrument, or tapping a household item – these sessions are designed to create a sense of wellbeing, provide social interaction and form an all-round feel good atmosphere.

Those in attendance will be encouraged to utilise home materials and transform them into musical instruments. We will also be aiming to send out personal percussion packs for our regular attendees.

Songwriting will be another focus throughout the duration of the workshops. And session attendees will be able to put forward, discuss and create their own lyrics, and musical ideas, which will eventually result in a unique song, specific to the group.

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