50 things to do before you’re 5

Playing with your child is one of the most important things you can do to support their development.

The time you spend playing together will help them learn all sorts of things – from counting and writing, to exploring and making new friends.

This list below of 50 things to do before you’re 5 will give you lots of ideas to support your child’s learning through play – Complete it online or print it off, stick it on the fridge and tick off each activity!

Share and upload photos of you and your little ones achieving each of the 50 things to the TLC Facebook page and once you’ve completed the list, download your own 50 things to do before you’re 5 certificate from the TLC website.

  1. Run through long grass (barefoot if you can)
  2. Lie in the long grass and feel the grass between your toes, fingers tickling your nose
  3. Go on a walk through the woods in all seasons and weathers! See all the country parks in Essex
  4. Not near any woods? Go for a walk around your neighbourhood, find a tree and watch it change through the seasons
  5. Plant and care for a beautiful smelling flower
  6. Go on a treasure hunt
  7. Have a teddy bear’s picnic
  8. Climb a tree
  9. Play ‘pooh sticks’
  10. Make an insect house
  11. Learn to ride a bike and go on a long bike ride
  12. Care for a pet (no matter how small)
  13. Play hide and seek
  14. Take part in an Easter egg hunt at home
  15. Visit the seaside. Explore, and find treasures at the beach
  16. Paddle in the sea
  17. Build sandcastles
  18. Investigate and discover life in rock pools
  19. Visit the farm or zoo
  20. Paint and create as much as you can
  21. Play make believe, and be who you want to be; a spaceman on the moon or a knight in a castle
  22. Have a picnic outdoors or indoors with all your favourite treats
  23. Be an explorer and hunt for bugs
  24. Help make your own dinner
  25. Look for worms, and see how they wiggle
  26. Go for a walk on a windy day. Take a scarf or a kite and see how they fly
  27. Roll down a hill
  28. Dig for treasure
  29. Try baking a cake and lick the spoon!
  30. Make perfume from flower petals
  31. Go crabbing
  32. Make a snow angel and have a snowball fight
  33. Play with water, pour, explore, wash toy cars
  34. Use all of the furniture downstairs and all the blankets/towels from upstairs to make a huge den/fort that you can crawl around
  35. Have a sleepover in the den you’ve made
  36. Show your grown up how to hit nails into wood, use real tools and be creative with bits and bobs
  37. . Play in autumn leaves and throw them over your head. Listen for the crunch under foot, then pick your favourites and make your very own leaf man character!
  38. Read a book under a tree
  39. Go out in the rain and jump in puddles
  40. Lie on your back outdoors and watch the clouds
  41. Go blackberry picking and eat as many as you can!
  42. Make a mud pie
  43. Blow a dandelion clock
  44. Balance on a log
  45. Chase your shadow on a sunny day
  46. Catch rain or snow on your tongue
  47. Go on a torch-lit walk in the dark, look for stars and night time animals
  48. Sleep in a tent
  49. Toast marshmallows on a camp fire
  50. Join the library and borrow some books

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