Braintree walking netball

The Braintree Walking Netball club, which has been running for just over 2 and a half years, has seen its membership go from 8 people to just under 40 people.

It was founded by Mandy Elder who wanted to offer her friends and family the opportunity to play a sports game despite their previous injuries. She decided to start the first walking netball club in April 2016.

Mandy Elder says: “Walking netball has been designed so that anyone can play regardless of age, experience or fitness ability. Many of our members had never played, others had not played since school. The club’s success is due to the fact that the sessions are very inclusive and friendly regardless of ability, players who have injuries and need to rehabilitate can still play the game and it is a great way to socialise and make friends.”

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Further comments from club members 

Comments from a lady who is in her early 30’s:

“Every person of any fitness and skill level is welcomed and encouraged. Not only has taking part done wonders for my physical health, but my mental health has improved. I have learnt to socialise again, and know that I’ve got a great bunch of women I can turn to for support should I ever need it”

Comments from a lady in her early 50’s:

“I really missed my netball when I injured my knee and had to give up traditional netball, and I have loved coming back to netball, albeit at a slower pace!”

Comments from a lady in her 60’s (she’s about 20 at heart!): “It’s been a great boost in confidence for a “mature woman”.

Comments from a lady in her late 50’s: “Walking netball has not only got me back to the slower paced netball but has given me the confidence following an old injury to get back to league netball”.

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