Childhood illness and well-being guide and information

Childhood illness and well-being guide and information

Local parents, grandparents and carers across mid Essex are now able to seek guidance from a new advice booklet for when their child becomes ill.

The Common Childhood Illnesses and Wellbeing handbook is an extensive and informative guide for anyone who cares for a child aged from birth to 11 years old. It gives advice on how to spot signs of illness and what to do for minor conditions such as coughs and colds, fever, dry skin and rashes, chicken pox, bumps and bruises.

Information on mental health and wellbeing, healthy lifestyles and advice on some more serious conditions like meningitis and sepsis is also covered in the booklet. There’s also a handy section on when you should keep your child home from school.

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Self-care information

You will find a range of self-care information and advice for children in this guide so you will know what to do in case of illness or accidents.

Download the Self Care Information about Children PDF document- done by NHS Brentwood and Basildon CCG





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