Eye examinations

Information provided by the Essex Local Optical Committee 

Having an eye examination is an important health check that you should do every one to two years depending on what your optometrist has recommended for you. An eye examination can reveal signs of a health condition you may not know about, allowing you to take action sooner. It also allows you to check that you are seeing as well as possible.  You can find out if you are eligible for a free NHS eye examination on the NHS Choices website.

Have your family members had their eyes checked recently?

  • Children can have eye problems that go unnoticed as they are often unable to recognise that they cannot see properly or perhaps they only have clear vision in one eye.  It is advisable to take your child to the opticians to have their eyes tested before they begin school.
  • If you are concerned about an older relative’s eyesight then you can encourage them to visit their optometrist.  By taking this simple step we can identify eye conditions and general health conditions sooner and take action to manage it, helping to improve health and wellbeing for people in Essex.

Also, optometrists in Essex are well placed to help if you experience an eye problem such as a red eye, sore eye, watery eye or sudden vision problem. Ask your local opticians if they offer ‘MECS’ appointments. This is an NHS funded ‘Minor Eye Conditions Service’ which allows people to see an Optometrist for advice about an acute eye problem.  MECS is available in various areas across Essex.

Support for people with sight loss

Support 4 Sight assists people with sight loss, their carers and families. Expert staff and trained volunteers provide our services to assist people coming to terms with losing their sight and to cope long term with the social, emotional and practical issues that they face living with sight loss.


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