Free mental health apps for young people

There are a range of different free mental health apps available for children and young people to use, here are just some of them.

Blue Ice – This evidence-based app helps young people manage their emotions and reduce the urge to self-harm.

Calm Harm – Reduces urges to self-harm and manage emotions in a more positive way.

Catch It – Learn to manage negative thoughts and look at problems differently.

Chill Panda – Use breathing techniques to help you relax more, worry less and feel better.

Cove – Create music to reflect emotions like joy, sadness and anger to help express how you feel.

distrACT – Quick and discreet access to information and advice about self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

Feeling Good: positive mindset – Use audio tracks to help relax your body and mind and build your confidence.

MeeTwo – A safe and secure forum for teenagers wanting to discuss any issue affecting their live.

My Possible Self: The Mental Health App – Learn how to manage fear, anxiety and stress and tackle unhelpful thinking.

SilverCloud – An eight-week course to help you manage stress, anxiety and depression at your own pace.

Sleepio – An online sleep improvement programme, clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster.

WorryTree – Notice, record and manage your worries using cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.

Headspace – Get happy. Stress less. Sleep soundly. Headspace is your guide to mindfulness for your everyday life. Learn meditation and mindfulness skills.

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