Mental health support for children and young people

There are lots of ways you can get support for your mental health. Whatever you are struggling with or worried about, there are services around Essex that can help you.

If you get help earlier, you are more likely to feel better sooner.

If you or someone you know need urgent help, contact one of the services below immediately.

If someone is in immediate danger, call 999.

We have split this page into sections so you can get the right help at the right time.

Leaving education

Leaving education is a big step in everyone’s life. It can feel overwhelming trying to decide what to do next. You might think that everyone around you has it all figured out. Remember, these feelings are completely normal.

If you got the exam results you wanted or they weren’t what you were expecting, there are lots of paths you could follow. The important thing is to do what is right for you and to not feel pressured.

If you need support making sense of how you’re feeling, follow these tips:

  • Talk to someone. Sharing your thoughts with someone you trust can be the first step to feeling better. Come up with a plan for moving forward together.
  • If you would prefer to speak to someone you don’t know, try Kooth. This is a free, confidential and anonymous online community for 11-25-year-olds, supported by trained counsellors.
  • Read more on Young Minds or the Mix. Find information to help you manage how you are feeling and work out your next steps.
  • Contact the local mental health service for young people in Southend, Essex and Thurrock. It is open to young people between the ages of 0-18, or up to 25-years-old for those with Special Educational Needs.

Further support

The services below can also help if you are struggling with your mental health. They can support you, whether you are worried about your exams or something else.

  • Family Innovation Fund services can help you if you are aged 8-19-years-old. They offer advice around a range of topics. These include relationships and emotional wellbeing.
  • Family Innovation Fund-Xtra (FIF-Xtra) services also offer support. These services are available to children and young people aged 0-19-years-old or up to 25-years-old for those with a Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND).

Specialist help

Specialist services can help if you are feeling very low and don’t know what to do about it. They offer different types of support for different mental health concerns and can help you start to feel better again.

  • Shout is a text service that you can use at any time. You’ll get free, fast and confidential support from their mental health team. If you’re feeling anxious, stressed or in need of someone to speak to, text Shout on 85258.
  • Papyrus can help if you are having suicidal thoughts. They have lots of online advice, as well as a dedicated helpline if you want to speak to someone.

Coping with grief, loss and bereavement

We all lose people we love and it can be very difficult to deal with. These services can help you.

Advice and guidance for parents and carers

If you think your child is struggling with the mental health, find out how to help them using the services and resources listed below.




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