Walking hockey for ladies

This is Diane Pasfield who enjoys playing Walking Hockey in Braintree at Blue Hornets Hockey Club . This ‘gentle’ sport has helped her lose weight and improved her overall fitness without the strain on her aching joints.

Di says “I have always loved playing hockey but I was unable to maintain the physical fitness required, as I got older. After a break of a number of years, I realised that my body could not perform in the same way during normal life and I was aching more and more.

I still had the stick and team skills to play but I wished to have more flexibility and core strength to maintain strength with everyday living. ”

She adds “I was surprised how important the social side of being in a team made me feel happy, the laughs and giggles as well as several people just coming up to you with big smiles to ask you how you are and listening to everyday life’s stories.”

“Overall I feel stronger in my physical core, my flexibility in movement is better with the reaching and stretching exercise and my mental health is great due to the fresh air, social aspect and laughing out loud!”

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