New Freshwell Low Carb Project Weight Loss App

Freshwell Health Centre launched their “Freshwell Low Carb Project” App at the weekend. It seemed to go down well – at one stage, number 64 in the App Store “Health & Fitness” charts.

The App is a weight loss tool and a beginner’s guide to low carb. It includes basic information, a 6-week structured education course and a progress / tracker section. Freshwell hope that this will be helpful, both for people who prefer self-guided learning, but hope that this can also assist with a coaching approach.

This app has been developed to complement their other existing low carb educational tools on their website, meal planner (2nd volume coming soon) & recently updated educational videos (the latter only available to patients of Colne Valley PCN at the current time).

The Colne Valley PCN programme has so far achieved an average of 6kg weight loss per participant at 12 weeks. At Freshwell, around 60-70 of patients have achieved remission of their Type 2 Diabetes so far, in addition to our patients achieving a collective weight loss on an industrial scale.

They used some of the Network Development Fund for Collaborative Working to develop the videos, but the App has been developed for free, driven by their passion to improve the health of their community. It’s completely free, no ads, no pop-ups and no premium memberships. Freshwell wish to retain the intellectual property rights of their tools, to ensure that they remain free for anyone to use worldwide.

Please feel free to download it and see what you think. If you are reading this on your mobile phone, then please follow this link: If you are reading this on a computer, then you can scan the QR code below with your mobile phone.

Freshwell Low Cab QR code

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