Sports for Confidence- Kirsty’s story

Kirsty comes to Sports for Confidence every week with her assistant Pearl and absolutely loves it. She enjoys all the activities, actively takes part and it really helps to build her confidence. Kirsty also really benefits from the routine in her week and Pearl says she is ready to go when she arrives to pick her up!

The Sports for Confidence classes are not just a great way for young people with additional needs to take part in sporting activities and get fit. They are also a good way to meet people their own age and socialise, which is something they may otherwise miss out on.

Kirsty really enjoys coming to the classes every week and her favourites are the Boccia and the Swimming. Her assistant Pearl says having somewhere to go really means a lot to both her and Kirsty, and the activities are invaluable. Staff are very friendly, and it is great to meet friends every single week.

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